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Thriftiness is next to godliness
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in Australian Thrift - Sell & Trade's LiveJournal:

Saturday, October 15th, 2005
12:00 pm
I have approx. 80 pieces of fabric to sell. Lengths vary from 1- 3 metres. Every colour you could imagine. Some were as much as $19.95 a metre! Fashion students will lick their lips at these. Two photo's under the cut. I can take more specific shots if you need to see certain colours.

ebay auction here.

Pick up Melbourne inner northern suburbs.

[Edit] New pictures of them folded.

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Sunday, January 30th, 2005
9:40 pm
Sorry to do this but...
i really would like this community to be a place for trading clothing/accessories, as stated in the description not books (again, unless they are craft related) and especially not advertising ebay sales!!
I wanted to organise this in order to cut out the middle man (that being ebay! perhaps i need to put that in the description also?) I am not angry but would just like to get the focus back to what it is early on and please don't just cross-post stuff if it's irrelevant to this community as i will have to start deleting.

I hope you understand - Thank you!
9:30 pm
Uni Students (first year esp.)
I'm selling some books as I am no longer doing my course. Anybody need any of these?


JavaScript – The Complete Reference: Thomas Powell and Fritz Schneider.
HTML & XHTML Fourth Edition: Thomas A. Powell


An Introduction to Statistical Methods and Data Analysis Fifth Edition: R. Lyman Ott and Michael Longnecker.

Doing Data Analysis with SPSS Version 12: Carver & Nash.


Anatomy & Physiology Sixth Edition: Frederic H. Martini. Also comes with some special kit for the website, applications manual and atlas of the human body.

BIOLOGY Sixth Edition: Campbell and Reece


(x posted all over the place)
8:42 pm
Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
4:57 pm
ok, so here are some things to get us started.

For sale, i have a brand-new black pair of high-heeled mary jane shoes. They have only been worn once as i bought them for a wedding and i now have another black pair which i prefer. These are very nice, extremely comfortable considering it was only one wear- i didn't get any blisters from them. They have a cute velcro strap instead of a buckle, square toes and a realistic (!) sized heel. They are a size 7 (39) I would like $20 for them.

My other item i have for sale is a kid's fake fur coat - it is sooo adorable, i don't know what made me buy it as i don't know anyone who would fit into it- but you know how it is sometimes?! It is a size 10, lined in a flanelette-type fabric, so warm enough and has vinyl trim and big cool buttons. I would be happy with five bucks for it!

Trade stuff: i have a bag of scrap fabric which contains perhaps 10 pieces. They are mainly left over pieces from things i've made.

70's polyester red and white striped shirt, Size 10.

A long black velvet tiered
skirt which belonged to a friend who said she no longer wanted it. It is about a size 14-16, the zip is broken however, and there is a big cigarette burn to the left side. It is nice fabric if you could find some use for it.

Pleated blue and floral
skirt, size 10-12.

coat, grey, size 12-14.
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